Hair and Art

Published: 15 November 2013
The Hair Guru (Hair by Her)

I've always loved hair. I loved experimenting with color, cutting it short or relaxing it to get that smooth, rich texture. I always tried to find the most unique style to do. I would not call it a need to try be a trend setter but the need to make my uniqueness tangible.

The journey that hair has taken me through is one of understanding spirituality. Understanding that healthy hair comes from a healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy use of nature's produce,as apart of my hair regimen, in it's most purest form.

In a way I view hair styling as art and design. Hair is Art. It's texture and the different reactions it has to styling techniques is an amazing feat that can only be compared to the regal mona lisa portrait. Planning and figuring out what suits the shape of your face while showcasing your "good side" is quite a tricky task. That's why I consider the styling process 'Design'.

Hair is an extension of my pride, Styling is a part of what keeps me different and creative.

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