I am not my Hair

Published: 15 September 2013
The Hair Guru (Hair by Her)

I have heard and also been on the receiving end of negative comments prompted by my wearing a weave. "You are not a true african sister" or "You look more natural with an afro" and "The hair you are wearing doesn't belong to you".
I'm sorry but why is the post apartheid generation so narrow minded? When did ignorance become acceptable and used as a tool for mockery? And when did my love for a weave become a reason for me to be ostracized?


I am not defined by the way I style the strands that grow from my scalp or the ones I purchase from Hair by Her. And I am definitely not defined by your preference in hairstyle.

I am defined by my soul. Defined by the sway of my hips, the way I carry myself and the mind that leads me. I  am defined by the legacy I leave on this earth and a lot more. But none of the things that define me have anything to do with how I wear my hair.

Let my style be mine. Let my Virgin Remy not be something your mind wastes time over,you have television for that.

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