Spring Break

Published: 5 September 2013
The Hair Guru (Hair by Her)

Early this year and all through winter/autumn we saw urban 90s fashion resurrected. It became a movement that women of all interests and fashion styles wanted to and could be apart of. Vintage fashion items,gold accessories,camouflage and african prints were a must have but how you wore your hair was solely up to how you felt that month and how you wanted to interpret your outfit. Most ladies sported long braids,plaited ponytails or messy ponytail updos.While other ladies adorned healthy afros or styled their dreadlocks.

Spring brings less material in clothing and new trends for the festive season.Yes,maybe it's a bit too early to be bringing up the festive season but I think the nearness of it will affect fashion interests and the hairstyles we're likely to play around with in the upcoming months.
However the point is that what this urban wave showed us is we can all experiment with the same fashion wave but that our hair/hairstyle will not be defined by it.
As the 90s urban fashion wave ends,another wave is sure to follow. So goes the evolution of fashion.
But the one thing that remains is the freedom to constantly play with what your hair could say about you and what message you want to deliver with your complete hair to toe look.

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