The Fashion Round-up

Published: 2 January 2014

As The year has clearly done its job; we cried laughed and cringed at some fashion decisions that friends, family and the rest of the world made throughout the year. We saw the peplum ruined; we saw how people can do the print so right and oh so wrong.

We witnessed the very delayed rise of printed leggings and watched as young women left their dignities in butt, gyrating dance movements (also known as twerking), all the while sporting a pair of the infamous leggings.

Personally if I see one more person wearing those USA flag leggings I am going to slit my wrists.

"Just because you are told something is in, doesn't mean you need to wear it"- Michael Kors

Vintage and the 90's were so over done this year that walking in the street felt like I was on the set of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. All this has proven a fact that will not change. There are fashionistas, fashion victims and individual style. Fashionista literally means a designer of haute couture, a devoted follower of fashion. A fashionista has a way of understanding and translating trends to her style. This is considered a skill because adding new trends to your existing wardrobe and as we've seen, merging the two is not an easy task.

Fashion victims are the women who don't have a distinct style because they are easily influenced by what is merchandised on window displays, worn by celebrities and advertised on television screens.

Women with individual style know what works for them and usually stick to those garments or looks that fall under what they consider their personal style. There is nothing wrong with this but I feel women should be adventurous and from time to time step out of their comfort zone.

So let's move on to what the world got right. Thank you for the long awaited END of color blocking. If you're still subscribed to that sinking ship, jump ship immediately.

Monochrome saw the return of class, sophistication and elegance. All was right with the fashion industry once again.

But what topped it were the amazing shoe collections in 2013. Rebirth of platforms and raining shoes added fun and quirky accents in our outfits. Boots of all kind of designs and inspiration played a major role in completing women's outfits. Sneakers, Converse All Stars and Jordans, became the acceptable standard for street style shoes. It showed that fashion was moving away from being predictable and unadventurous.

Although fashion had more ups than downs, shoe designs became more creative, more fun and the star of a look. But don't take it from me, take it from an expert;

"Do spend on fabulous shoes. A sexy pump, classic riding boot or strappy metallic sandal can make your outfit"- - Micheal Kors

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